Bay State asking for big trouble

As the Boston Herald reported Sept. 12:

“With Massachusetts voters poised to legalize medical marijuana, a chilling new report on Colorado’s similar law shows the Rocky Mountain State has become a poorly regulated mecca for potheads and dealers — suggesting the Bay State may be on track to become New England’s own hemp haven.”

‘The whole issue is a mess. We are seeing medical marijuana diverted to kids and diverted out of state,’ said Tom Gorman, director of Rocky Mountain High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas, an anti-drug program run by regional law enforcement. ‘It’s supposed to be for the sick and dying, but you just can’t regulate it.’”

Then there’s this Sept. 13 story in the Colorado Springs Post Independent. In Carbondale, Colo., trustees reversed their decision to approve one marijuana dispensaries and put a hold on another application — just more evidence of how difficult it is to regulate marijuana while also protecting public health and safety.