Be Informed On Question 3

Be Informed On Question 3

Question 3 proposes medical marijuana for Massachusetts, but the law is loose and ripe for abuse

Did you know? Massachusetts is considering a system that would allow people to grow, possess, transport and distribute marijuana. Systems built on similar laws are failing in other states.  Be Informed. Print and distribute this one pager.

Massachusetts voters will decide the outcome of Question 3 in November. Question 3 advocates “medical” marijuana for Massachusetts. Here are some facts to consider.
A vote of YES means the following:

• up to 35 marijuana storefronts can open in our communities in year 1 with options to continually add more shops.
• Nearly anyone can get a medical marijuana
card. For example, a child could get a card to help with anxiety. In Colorado, nearly 1 out of every 44 people holds a card.1
• Card holders have a lifetime membership to stores. These cards state no dosage limits, no refill limits and no expiration dates.
• Card holders can grow marijuana at home.
• Card holders can carry up to a 60-day supply on their person or in their car. This quantity is undefined in the proposition, but a conservative estimate would be 120 joints

Massachusetts has seen a rise in youth marijuana use rates since we passed decriminalization in 2008. We now have 30% higher youth rates than the rest of the nation. A 2012 study shows that among adolescents in substance abuse treatment in Denver, Colorado, 74% had used someone else’s “medical” marijuana a median of 50 times.

A recent poll shows a 12% drop in support as voters become informed. Question 3 is bad public health policy.  The proposed law is loose and ripe for abuse.  Get informed and spread the word. Print this flyer.