Boston Globe’s Opinion: Voters should check “no” on Question 3

Boston Globe’s Opinion: Voters should check “no” on Question 3

Medical marijuana raises too many unanswered issues

In a thoughtful, balanced and incisive look at the medical marijuana law proposed for Massachusetts in ballot Question 3 The Boston Globe, in its Opinion published on Tuesday, October 29th concludes:

“Despite some persuasive arguments in favor of marijuana’s medicinal properties, voters should check “no” on Question 3.

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The Globe recognizes that while the law proposed for Massachusetts appears more carefully drafted than many medical marijuana laws in others states, yet it leaves too many unanswered questions and opines: “in the end, Question 3 isn’t the right answer to a complicated policy issue.”

The Globe gives the architects of the law a nod in making a “solid effort to learn from the mistakes of California and Colorado.  But ultimately agrees that “the only truly safe way to legalize marijuana will be through the FDA, with doctors providing prescriptions and licensed pharmacists dispensing the medication.”

Read the editorial, and consider joining the trend towards no among informed voters.