Why legalization isn’t the answer

Although it hardly enjoys the status it did 20 years ago, drug policy remains important. American society loses nearly $200 billion in social costs every year — from reduced productivity to increased health care costs, from accidents to premature illness and death, drug use is expensive. And it destroys minds and breaks families apart in ways that no dollar amount can capture.

So what, if anything, can we do about drugs?

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The smoke and mirrors of taxation, regulation

Marijuana-legalization proponents insist taxing and regulating the drug will keep all of the health, crime and other social problems associated with its use in check. What they’re not telling you is that any tax revenues collected from the sale of marijuana won’t come close to covering costs to regulate the drug or address problems caused by its use.

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L.A. council bans dispensaries

Medical marijuana has caused so many problems for the City of Los Angeles that its council voted unanimously to ban dispensaries. For more, see this report.

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