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Scituate/boston.com: Opinion Piece: Question 3 should not pass

“Legalization of marijuana, whether for medicinal or other purposes, often leads to decreases in perceived harm and social disapproval, and increases in use among youth. Sending the message that marijuana should be used as medicine is confusing for youth, and has a negative effect on substance abuse prevention efforts.

Children who first smoke marijuana under the age of 14 are more than five times as likely to abuse drugs as adults, than those who first use marijuana at age 18.”

News Medical: Cannabis use causes temporary cognitive breakdown in non-psychotic individuals: Study

November 3, 2012
“Researchers at the University of Bergen in Norway have found new support for their theory that cannabis use causes a temporary cognitive breakdown in non-psychotic individuals, leading to long-term psychosis. In an fMRI study published this week in Frontiers in Psychiatry, researchers found a different brain activity pattern in schizophrenia patients with previous cannabis use than in schizophrenic patients without prior cannabis use.”

Medfield Wicked Local: COLUMN: Medical marijuana hurts our youth (Medfield Press)

November 5, 2012
“This legislation, if passed, will pose a vital public health risk to our youth through increased access to marijuana, decreased perception of risk, and an increase in drugged driving incidents — all clearly documented in data from states that have approved this legislation.”

Boston Globe: YouTube incurs wrath of Question 3 opponents after group’s video was removed from site

November 5, 2012
““First time’s the charm,” grins a bespectacled woman after she sucks in a long, white plume of smoke from a bong.

These home videos, along with dozens of others like them, have been on YouTube for months, sometimes years, available to anyone who registers on the site and claims to be over 18 years old.

So when opponents of a ballot question that asks Massachusetts voters to allow the medical use of marijuana posted their own 3-minute video on Oct. 30 arguing against the measure, they were shocked to find it gone five days later.

They were greeted instead with an illustration of a blank television and the message, “This video has been removed because its content violated YouTube’s Terms of Service.” Read More…

The Fix: Weed Should Be Illegal

November 2, 2012
“Marijuana is now the number one reason kids enter treatment—more than alcohol, cocaine, heroin, meth, ecstasy, and other drugs combined. How did this come to be? The most likely culprit is the increased potency of marijuana.

…this Tuesday, I am joining both major presidential candidates, not to mention groups like the American Medical Association, Colorado Education Association, and other organizations in opposing the marijuana legalization ballot initiatives. Here’s why:”

atodblog: Marijuana legalization: Damn the science, full speed ahead

November 4, 2012
atodblog.com — a research-based discussion about substance abuse

“If tobacco was not legal, and we knew the full scientific extent of its health impacts, would we legalize it today?

Not a chance. A substance that’s dangerously addictive and kills half the people who use it as directed? The FDA would never allow it. But we didn’t know the science hundreds of years ago, and tobacco became a common part of society. It’s too late to illegalize it.

Several states are considering legalization of marijuana. While the federal government has said it will not allow marijuana to be legal, state ballot initiatives notwithstanding, many Americans who would vote to legalize marijuana are doing so without knowing – or without believing – the science about the drug.”

Cape Cod Today: Say no to ballot question 3

November 4, 2012
“I was sadly struck by how “so called” polls effect us and the way we as a society create public policy. At that forum a state elected official did proclaim to those present, that the ballot question was bad public policy. I completely agree. But to be more precise is it popular public policy following examples in other states and fueled by the 35 billion dollar medical marijuana industry in our country who obviously stands to gain a lot as state by state falls prey to a broken political system ever endangering public health and public safety. To me this is a matter of public health and public safety.”

Oct. 31 – Nov. 1  Poll Shows MA medical marijuana Question 3 could go either way

Page 43 shows the results for Question 3, the medical marijuana ballot question in MA.  The data shows: 53.6% yes; 36.8% no; 9.6% undecided; and a margin of error 3.48% suggesting the question is far from decided in favor as legalization proponents would like to believe.  Opponents claim it when voters take 3-minutes to understand what’s in the law, they vote no.

Berkshire Eagle Editorial: No on Question 3

November 04, 2012
“The law calls for the creation of 35 “treatment centers,” which as non-profits, would not be subject to local property and sales taxes, even if highly profitable. Worse, the centers would not be subject to any local zoning laws and could be placed anywhere. As ugly as the fight in Pittsfield over the siting of a methadone clinic has been, the emergence downtown of a medical marijuana treatment center impervious to local regulation would potentially be a far larger nightmare.

The negatives of this proposed law far outweigh the positives, and The Eagle urges a No vote on Question 3.”

Telegram and Gazette: CA Town plans tax hit for pot farmers

November 4, 2012
“…the mellow days are coming to an end. Even Arcata residents who support legalization of marijuana have become fed up with high-volume indoor growing operations that take over much-needed housing and take advantage of the state’s loosely written medical marijuana law.

The neighbors of these clandestine pot farms — operated behind curtains, shutters and alarm systems — complain of the skunk-like stink of cannabis, fire hazards, rising rents, vicious guard dogs, caches of guns, illegal pesticides, roadside dumping of unwanted growing gear, and late-night visits from shady characters.”

“Our hope is to drive the large-scale growing operations out of town,” said Shane Brinton, a city councilman and vice mayor who has pushed the novel idea.

“I don’t view it as anti-marijuana,” said Brinton. “It’s a land-use issue, a public safety issue, and environmental issue as well.”

Stoughton Patch: Stoughton’s OASIS Coalition Opposes Medical Use of Marijuana Ballot Question

“As a community coalition working to prevent youth substance abuse, OASIS is committed to reducing youth marijuana use through strategies that decrease youth access to marijuana and increase perception of harm of the drug.”

Taunton Daily Gazette: GUEST OPINION: Medical marijuana legalization would be a slippery slope

November 3, 2102
“With risks associated with increased marijuana availability including more impaired driving, potential increased crime due to marijuana production and increased abuse and dependency among our population amid no property tax benefits due to the “non-profit” status of the dispensaries, SSTAR and the (BOLD) Building Our Lives Drug-Free Coalition suggests a no on Question 3.”

Lowell Sun: Lowell police chief, leaders say legalizing medical marijuana a ‘disaster waiting to happen’

November 2, 2012
“Legalized medical marijuana would make a gateway drug more available, and treatment centers for patients could simply become fronts for drug dealing in Massachusetts, officials warned Thursday.

At a press conference at City Hall, law-enforcement, political and civic leaders made their arguments for defeating ballot Question 3 facing voters on Tuesday.”

Peabody Patch: Peabody Board of Health Urges ‘No’ Vote on Medical Marijuana

November 2, 2012 “The city’s health officials say the data from other states shows that in fact most users of medical marijuana are men in their 30s who have histories of substance abuse, not life-threatening illnesses.”

MCLA Beacon: Limits of Legalizing

November 2, 2012
“Joseph Gravel, chief medical officer of the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center and president of the Massachusetts Academy of Family Physicians, is another doctor against Question 3.

“For any other drug, there has got to be testing,” Gravel told the Boston Globe. He continued to say that a more responsible path would be to develop drugs derived from components of marijuana, the way morphine is derived from opium, which is something that Broadhurst agrees strongly with.

“Marijuana must continue to be studied by its components. There is promise in its therapeutic value but it needs to be put through the FDA [Federal Drug Administration] so I know exactly what I’m prescribing,” Broadhurst said.”

Weston Town Crier: Guest column from Heidi Heilman: Vote ‘no’ on Question No. 3

November 2, 2012
“Millions of Massachusetts residents would potentially be eligible for medical marijuana under Question 3,” boasts a Colorado attorney who’s opened a new office here in Boston looking to profit from November’s vote. His website states the catchall phrase in the proposed law “other conditions” allows for maladies including “chronic pain and mental conditions – such as anxiety and depression.”

Brockton Enterprise. OUR OPINION: …Vote no on Question 3; it’s not about medicinal marijuana

November 1, 2012
“While we endorse any medically sound aid that advances patient care and relieves the oftentimes debilitating symptoms of illnesses and disabilities, Ballot Question 3 has the potential to do more harm than good.
There are many terminally and chronically ill people who claim that marijuana helps manage a range of issues from nausea to spasticity to pain. We do not question another’s pain. What does concern us – mightily – is the language contained in question 3 and its implications for the greater good.”

State House News Service: Med marijuana opponents predict crisis, say they’re “outgunned” financially

“Dr. John Knight, from Boston Children’s Hospital, said decades of research point to the ease of availability and perceptions of a drug’s danger as the two most important factors in predicting usage rates. Knight said “very potent marijuana will become far more available” if the ballot question passes.”  October 31, 2012

Hampshire Gazette, Editorial: Science lacking on medical marijuana

“Now is not the time for voters to approve medical marijuana, Question 3, in Massachusetts. …we urge caution in declaring an illegal drug a medicine without a solid foundation of scientific research. In the U.S., before a drug becomes a legal medicine, it goes through batteries of tests and clinical trials that prove and re-prove the benefits outweigh potential side effects.”  November 2, 2012

Boston Herald: Sanity up in smoke

“Sen. John Keenan (D-Quincy), co-chairman of the Legislature’s Committee on Mental Health and Substance Abuse, said this week that the ballot question would give this state the least restrictive definition of a medical condition needed to acquire marijuana of any surrounding states.

It’s no wonder that real doctors — like those in the Massachusetts Medical Society — are opposed. And too many of those who think they favor this question, clearly just haven’t read it.”  November 2, 2012

Gloucester Times: Med Pot Foes see ‘crisis’ in ballot question

“Dozens of teenagers from Ostiguy Recovery High School in Boston joined an event at the Omni Parker House Wednesday morning to advocate defeat of the ballot question, sharing personal stories of addiction that often started with marijuana.”

According to a comparison of New England medical marijuana laws compiled by Senatory John Keenan’s office, Massachusetts would have the least restrictive definition of a debilitating medical condition to qualify for medical marijuana.  November 1, 2012

Chelsea Record: Council Looks to Talk About Potential Medical Marijuana Stores

“The Department of Public Health has not set up any regulations or guidelines to address this,” he said. “It would take them a year or two to put those kinds of things in place if this passes. Even without anything in place, if this passes, then we could have a lot of people showing up with medical marijuana in our City…You don’t want to suddenly end up with everyone selling it and with people carrying cards to have it. That would only create another problem for our police department to have to deal with.”  November 1, 2012


“Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray joined the list of opponents of a ballot question that would legalize medical marijuana in Massachusetts, calling the proposal “dangerously overbroad” and fraught with potential for abuse.”  November 1, 2012

boston.com, White Coat Notes: Dr. James Broadhurst: ‘Sham” medical marijuana program would lead to diversion, harm youth

“Lisa Brandon called me recently to say she opposes Question 3 and to volunteer to help. She said she was “Connor’s mom” and said her son died suddenly and tragically at the Comcast Center this summer from drug use. Lisa emphasized that marijuana was at the heart of Connor’s problems. “It’s really strong – not like marijuana years ago,” she said.”  November 1, 2012

Foxboro Reporter/Opinion: Election Letter: Vote no on Question 3

“In states that have allowed the creative fiction of “medical marijuana,” there has been an increase of drug use by teenagers, and an escalation of violent crimes in neighborhoods with dispensing stations. In states that have allowed the hoax, healthy individuals have been found with “marijuana cards,” selling their “prescriptions” on the street.”

Patriot Ledger: OUR OPINION: Vote no on medical marijuana

“While we endorse any medically sound aid that advances patient care and relieves the oftentimes debilitating symptoms of illnesses and disabilities, Ballot Question 3 has the potential to do more harm than good.”

Braintree Patch: Medical Marijuana Prone to Abuse, Sen. Keenan Says

“This ballot question essentially creates an entire new state industry that is considered illegal under federal law,” he said. “This question raises a number of extraordinarily complicated medical and legal questions, but fails to provide sufficient answers. If Massachusetts is heading towards further loosening of state marijuana laws, that is a discussion that should be resolved through the Legislature, in order to allow for a proper vetting of all related issues, and not through an over-simplified ballot question, promoted and paid for by an out-of-state special interest.”

Grafton Daily Voice: Chief’s Column: Police Oppose Medical Marijuana Question

“Marijuana is a carcinogenic street drug; it is not medicine. Growing it or dispensing it violates federal law, regardless of what Massachusetts voters may approve. As has been the case in other states that have passed similar measures, the passage of Question 3 would lead to an increase in crime, particularly near dispensaries, an increase in the availability of the drug on the street and the diversion of marijuana to adolescents.”

Boston Globe: Boston officials wary of medical marijuana. Say referendum could bring more crime and addiction

“To think these establishments will not be fronts for illegal distribution and money-laundering, and reduce the street market price of marijuana, would be illogical”

Read More:

Wicked Local Topsfield: Boxford Letter: ‘Vote No on Question 3

“As a parent, teacher, and concerned citizen, I am writing to ask members of our communities to educate themselves about Ballot Question 3 – the medicinal use of marijuana. What I have learned is that while Ballot Question 3 initially looks as if it is about compassionate use, as a very well-funded “VOTE YES” group is presenting it, it will really create avenues for our kids to have increased access to pot.

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Suffolk University/WHDH-TV poll shows Question 3 at Statistical Dead Heat

This poll joins two others in demonstrating the support for Question slipping. When one considers the margin of error of +/-4 points, it is close to a statistical dead heat.

“Fifty-five percent backed Question 3, which would allow marijuana to be used for some medical purposes. The survey of 600 likely voters, conducted Oct. 25-28, had a margin of error of plus or minus four points.”

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Boston Herald: Medical marijuana law’s unhealthy

“In states that have authorized medical marijuana, the distribution of pot has become Big Business — and our teens are the target consumers. ”

Gloucester Times: Our view: ‘No’ on Question 3

“Essex County District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett sums it up best:

“Until the American Medical Association and Massachusetts Medical Society supports smoked marijuana as a legitimate medical remedy, and it receives FDA approval like all other medications, it is my opinion that that medical marijuana ballot initiative is nothing less than an effort to legalize a potentially dangerous and addictive drug.

We agree, and urge that voters reject Question 3.”

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Wayland Officials Speak Out Against Medical Marijuana

“The health and wellbeing of Wayland residents is of the utmost importance to the Board of Health and the introduction of a potential new marijuana supply line is seen as contrary to this aim. The Board of Health opposes Ballot Question 3 and urges the Board of Selectmen to do the same.”

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Milford Daily News: Question 3 opponents say ballot question, tactics shoddy

“In addition to criticizing medical marijuana advocates for what they call a ballot question full of loopholes, opponents to Question 3 Tuesday slammed the other side for misleading campaign tactics.”

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Boston Herald: No on Question 3

“The pro-pot lobby first focused on decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana in Massachusetts, so your 15-year-old now only gets a ticket for lighting up a joint in public.

Now the focus has shifted to so-called “medical” marijuana — truly a misleading term that implies marijuana is like any other medicine. Except it isn’t. It isn’t even legal, under federal law, and hasn’t been adequately studied for its medicinal benefits or approved by the FDA. Bankrolled by a wealthy pro-pot pooh-bah, the ballot campaign is part of a broader effort to normalize its sale and use.”

Coalition of Medfield groups to edcuate about medical marijuana

“Less than a month before the Nov. 6 election, representatives from a dozen sectors of the town are working to educate voters about the dangers of passing ballot Question 3, the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Initiative.”

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Taunton Daily Gazette: Letter: The dangers of legalizing medical marijuana

“Though for most people nowadays marijuana is just a drug that isn’t something that is on many parents radar, data is coming out now showing that it should be. Recent studies show that nearly 74 percent of a study group of teens who were receiving addiction treatment in the state said that they smoked medical marijuana intended for someone else.

“This is a staggering amount, but nonetheless unsurprising since the more availability the teens have to it the more they will use it. Many people say that marijuana is not dangerous the results coming in prove otherwise marijuana contributes to lung problems, as well as poor performance in school, impaired judgment and impaired mental and physical health. Marijuana smoke also contains 50 to 70 percent more cancer causing hydro-carbons than tobacco smoke. So when the time comes for everyone to place their votes in the ballot box, vote no on Question 3.”

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Wellesley Police Chief: Marijuana is Not Medicine

“I hope the voters of Wellesley see through this medical marijuana hoax.”

Lowell Sun says “No on Question 3″

“In the Aug. 20 edition of Sports Illustrated magazine, a weekly segment entitled “Sign Of The Apocalypse,” reports: “A medical marijuana dispensary in Orange County, Calif., has started selling a strain of cannabis dubbed Usain Bolt OG, after the speed with which it affects users.”

Now are we supposed to believe that “Usain Bolt OG” marijuana has a medicinal purpose?

I think not.”  Click Here to read more

BOLD Coalition Opposes Medical Marijuana Legalization

BOLD (Building Our Lives Drug Free) is a substance abuse prevention coalition comprised of community volunteers, agency representatives, educators, city government, school representatives and youth working together to create a healthy community for our young people .

The BOLD  Coalition heard about the pitfalls of the loosely-written law proposed in ballot question 3.  BOLD uses evidence-based programs and practices to accomplish its objectives and is opposed to the legalization of medical marijuana in Massachusetts.

Click Here for more and link to news coverage

Rep. Carolyn Dykema Urges No on Question 3

As one of the many gathered at the Massachusetts state house in opposition to the medical marijuana law proposed under Question 3 on the November 6, 2012 ballot, Representative Carolyn Dykema as a legislator and mother of teenage children, urges “everyone to stand up and vote against this bill”.

Click Here to watch Rep. Dykema’s speech

Doctors, Law Makers, Addiction Experts Say “No” on 3

Gathered on the Massachusetts State House steps, a group of  law enforcement, addiction experts, doctors and lawmakers and recovering marijuana addicts, all of them standing in opposition to Question 3.

Click Here to watch the NECN report

Question 3 Opens a Door to Abuse, Sentinel and Enterprise, Fitchburg, MA, October 8, 2012

“The sad truth is that good people are being hollowed out by addictions, and families are suffering the tragic consequences.”

Some young people have become addicted to opiates by raiding their parents’ medicine cabinets. So, in deciding Question 3, voters must answer: Can the state properly regulate medical-marijuana usage among those patients who are licensed to obtain it? And will those patients, some of whom will be permitted to grow marijuana in their homes and backyards, be responsible enough to keep the pot secure so that others don’t use it?”

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Legalization of Marijuana: Potential Impact on Youth, “PEDIATRICS” The Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics

“That alcohol and tobacco cause far more harm in our society than marijuana is undeniable, but it does not follow logically that yet a third addictive psychoactive drug (marijuana) should be legalized. Many of the harms associated with alcohol and tobacco use stem from the widespread acceptability, availability, and use of these substances.”

“there is very little future in smoked marijuana as a medically approved medication. If there is any future in cannabinoid development, it lies with agents of more certain, not less certain, composition.”

Read the complete report by clicking here to open the .pdf version.

Police Chiefs, Drug Investigators Say Medical Marijuana is Out of Control

“…the lack of regulation allows pot to flourish on the black market and to fall into the wrong hands, including children’s.

“Colorado is touted as this heavy-regulated medical marijuana program state that everybody else should follow, and one of the big things that we’re running into is that it’s not,..”

Read the September 29, 2012 article at CBS 4 Denver, by clicking here

Medical Marijuana: A Forum For Disaster

“We were duped. The voters were duped, we didn’t realize what we were voting for.” “Voters were duped in 1996, that’s when Californians and Arizonans did something no electorate had done before–they disregarded research and science and voted to legalize a dangerous drug as a ‘therapeutic medicine’.  Smoking marijuana became legal for anyone with or without a legitimate ailment…”

This production was put together by Drug Free America Foundation to expose the hoax of medical marijuana.

Watch this April, 2012 Video by Drug Free America Foundation at YouTube by clicking here

Emily Rooney: High Stakes, The Medical Marijuana Debate

In this video, Emily Rooney hears two sides of the debate in which “ballot Question 3 opponents are urging voters not to let compassion cloud their common sense”.  ”Question 3 has been written so broadly that it’s not actually for people with debilitating illnesses. It’s for people for which ANY ILLNESS that they think, or their doctor thinks, provides relief for them…”

Watch the October 3rd, 2012 video at WGBH TV by clicking here

Question 3: The Politics of Medical Marijuana, NECN, “The Morning Show”, October 3rd, 2012

Dr. Kevin Sabet, a professor and former Obama administration advisor who opposes the law, joined “The Morning Show”, along with Matt Allen, a supporter, who is Executive Director of the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance.  The two discussed the hot-button topic of Question 3 ahead of the upcoming election.

 Watch the video at NECN by clicking here

Defeat Marijuana Measure, As I See It

Dr. Leonard J. Morse, October 2nd, 2012, Worcester Telegram & Gazette

“The public and the medical profession need to be educated based on science, including clinical studies, not just personal testimony to develop routes of responsible prescribing. It is inappropriate to prescribe an addictive plant product with varying concentrations of active pharmaceutical compounds so casually dosed as by smoking.” “…the drugs in this schedule have a high abuse potential with severe psychic or physical dependence liability…”

The smoke and mirrors of taxation, regulation

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Marijuana-legalization proponents insist taxing and regulating the drug will keep all of the health, crime and other social problems associated with its use in check. What they’re not telling you is that any tax revenues collected from the sale of marijuana won’t come close to covering costs to regulate the drug or address problems caused by its use. Consider: Federal and state government taxes collected on alcohol in 2007 totaled around $14.5 billion – a pittance compared to the $185 billion in alcohol-related costs to...

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Teen pot use linked to later decline in IQ

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A new, extensive study supports what addiction researchers have asserted for years: marijuana use is especially harmful to the developing brain and can cause irreversible damage. The study closely follows other new research that has found heavy diversion of so-called “medical marijuana” to youth. The latest study — peer-reviewed and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences — was funded with government grants from the United States, Britain and a foundation in Zurich. The study examined survey...

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A sham to remember

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A sham to remember

Here’s how Dr. Alan Feiger, a Colorado physician, documented his trip to a medical marijuana dispensary in Venice Beach, Calif., on March 12, 2012: I finally reached the desk, the “doctor” never looked at me — much less looked me in the eye. He never read my questionnaire. He provided no patient confidentiality. He didn’t take a patient history. He didn’t give me a physical exam. He gave no warnings about the side effects of marijuana use. While on the boardwalk, I saw many marijuana dispensaries. Standing just outside them...

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Reject the myths, get facts

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Reject the myths, get facts

Contrary to what popular culture and champions of drug legalization say, marijuana is not harmless. The drug’s potency has dramatically increased, making it even more important for people to understand how its use affects public health and safety. We invite you to contact us with questions about marijuana. We will address common misconceptions about the drug here.     Myth: Marijuana isn’t addictive. Fact: Marijuana is both physically and psychologically addictive, according to the world’s top medical...

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A mockery of medicine

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A mockery of medicine

Scientists and physicians, including the Massachusetts Medical Society, overwhelmingly agree: smoking marijuana isn’t medicine. That’s a conclusion at the very core of our stance against Question 3. We believe Massachusetts should work within the world-respected processes established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rather than through the shady politics of “medical marijuana” initiatives in various states — including ours. There’s a way to do this right, and approving Question 3 isn’t...

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Protect our kids, Colorado teacher says

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Christina Blair, a teacher in Colorado, has watched firsthand as so-called “medical” marijuana has affected students in her state — where there is now a push to legalize the drug for recreational use.  She writes in the Huffington Post: As a teacher, I know that pot directly affects a student’s learning ability and it has both short-term and long-term consequences. In the short-term, from immediate effects up to 20 days after, students’ memories become impaired, they become less attentive, and they become less...

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L.A. council bans dispensaries

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Medical marijuana has caused so many problems for the City of Los Angeles that its council voted unanimously to ban dispensaries. For more, see this report.

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