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Media releases covering news, trends, views, and research supporting a “No” vote  on the 2012 Massachusetts ballot Question 3 concerning medical marijuana:

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  • October 31, 2012

    Ballot Question 3 in Statistical Dead Heat; While Parents of Deceased Teen Say “21-st Century Pot” Contributed to His Death

    “We never imagined that smoking pot could take our son from us.  We don’t want more kids to die.  What was dangerous for my son was not only the easy access to pot, but the message that it was OK to use it.  We deeply believe that Question 3 is ill-conceived, will increase the supply and risk for kids in our state, and that it is a reckless law for Massachusetts,” the Brandon’s stated.  “We want you to vote NO on Question 3.  For Brandon, and for every young man like him.”