The joke’s on us, or is it?

The joke’s on us, or is it?

You may have read about a mishap with the Massachusetts’ voter information booklets. The website address published in those guides directs people to a satirical website about marijuana instead of this one, our campaign’s official website.

The satirical site is clearly written by people in favor of “medical” marijuana. Pretty funny, eh?

Actually, it isn’t. This is no joke. This whole situation is demonstrative of the problem at hand:  who is really behind this initiative to legalize pot as medicine; and. getting accurate information to the public about the harms of marijuana and the problems caused by legalizing the drug as medicine through legislative and/or voter initiative.

The person behind the satirical website is Scott Gacek. One might expect him to have an interest in “medical” marijuana because of the claimed benefit to a chronically ill person. However, online research about Mr. Gacek reveals a different interest.  He is a photographer who has a hobby of posting pictures of young girls smoking pot on the web:

Mr. Gacek and people like him provide foreshadows of the issues that Massachusetts will face if Question 3 passes on November 6th. In other states, where voters have passed medical marijuana, there are many regrets — and now a lot of public time and money being spent, trying to undo the problems created.

For example, take Colorado, where there are more pot shops than Starbucks coffee shops. As the Boston Herald reported earlier this week:

• A 19-year-old card holder admitted he sold more than half of his purchase on the street to juveniles.
• A card-holding man flying a single-engine plane had 36 lbs. of pot on board and claimed to be a “caregiver.”
• A man told police he had started selling marijuana on
• An undercover cop, pretending to be from Pennsylvania, bought 200 lbs. of pot from a single dispensary.

If these cases — and many more — weren’t hard and true examples of the harm medical marijuana laws have on public health and safety, it might be comical to watch how badly this process is being managed in other states. But this — like Mr. Gacek’s websites — are no laughing matter. These very serious problems are heading our way.

The costs marijuana use and addiction exacts on our youth and our society are enormous. Before you vote in November, we ask that you learn what, exactly, you are voting for — and that you also pay close attention to who is behind the movement to legalize “medical” marijuana.

There may be a use for marijuana-based medicines for chronically ill people, but there are smarter ways to help them get the medicines they need without compromising children and the public health and safety of our communities.

If every other state that has legalized marijuana as a medicine is an indication of what is going on here, then clearly there are many more Scott Gaceks behind this movement than there are people with chronic illness.